Raw Vegan and dayli Dental Care

·         Brush your teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day for 4 minutes at a time (2 minutes at the top and 2 minutes at the bottom).



·         Use vegan dental floss and floss your teeth at least once a day (in the evening) and after every meal if possible. This is something we highly recommended you doing.



·         Use a water irrigator at least once a day (in the evening) and ideally after each meal. If the flossing missed anything, then the irrigator will be sure to pick it up.



·         Use a sonic toothbrush. They tend to clean your teeth better than a standard toothbrush.



·         Rinse your mouth out after each single meal. Don’t ever skip this step. It’s VERY important to rinse your mouth out after EVERY single meal you eat. You can add a drop of tea tree or clove oil to a glass of water, or add a pinch of sea salt to your water. Personally, we use a little bit of sea salt when at home and just water when we are out.



·         Use coconut oil to brush your teeth with. Coconut oil has got antibacterial properties and can help remove tooth stains as well.



·         If you are using toothpaste, make sure to use one that really works. Pick a natural and vegan one that is not abrasive (no bicarbonate soda) for your daily use. Toothpastes often contain glycerine which is a substance that will stick to your teeth, which is exactly what you don’t want. Many ‘natural’ toothpastes contain citric acid, which if you suffer from sensitive teeth is a definite no, no! Do your research and use a product that actually works and don't buy it just because it tastes nice.



·         Use small disposable wooden toothpicks (which you can get from your local supermarket) to help clean the surfaces of your teeth and near the gum line whenever you feel you need that bit extra help to get them nice and clean. Just be careful not to injure your gums and use them carefully.



·         Don’t brush your teeth straight after a meal for at least one hour, because of the potential for damaging the tooth enamel due to the teeth’s natural remineralisation process. This is especially important after eating any acidic foods.



·         Don’t eat too much acid fruit or unripe fruit. Living on oranges or kiwi fruits all day every day will probably not do your dental health much good due to their acid content. Whilst it’s ok to include some in your diet, don’t base your diet on acid fruit.



·         Focus on sweet fruit instead.


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